Essay on Importance of Discipline in English for Students

Essay on Importance of Discipline – The life in which there is no rule or order, which has no faith and ideals, it cannot be a human life but an animal life. The control or rule established from above destroys all. That’s why it is most pleasant to live under your rule. Discipline is to follow the rules without any fear or greed. It becomes even more necessary to remain disciplined in schools.

Essay on Importance of Discipline in English for Students

Need for Discipline in Student Life – Although discipline is necessary for every field of life, discipline in student life is very important where the future generations of the nation are molded, today the condition of discipline in schools is very deplorable. Today’s students probably feel against their pride to be disciplined. Instead of studying, students are more interested in other things.

Status of Discipline in Schools The reason behind the growing indiscipline in schools is not only the stubbornness of the students, social conditions and changing lifestyles are also responsible for this. TV has started making the student young before time. She is mentally and financially exploited by entangling her in fashion and ostentatiousness. Unemployment, lack of proper guidance, and parents turning away from their responsibility are also reasons for indiscipline.

The effect of discipline in building the lives of the students The increasing indiscipline among the students is not only making their future dark but also spoiling the future picture of the country. Today is the era of challenge and competition. Every organization and company is looking for the best youth.

In this situation, where will the undisciplined and undisciplined students stay? The glory of a man is not in breaking discipline but in following it with self-respect. The effect of discipline on the life-building of the students is evident. Disciplinaries only can become good citizens in the future.

Epilogue – Today’s student is not going to follow orders blindly. His eyes and ears are both open. Whatever happens in society will also reflect in the life of the student. If the students take care of themselves, then the student will take care of themselves. Every section of society has to follow discipline only then students can be expected to be disciplined.

Meaning of student life – One who is interested in knowledge or ‘artha’ is a student. This wealth in the form of education is attained by the grace of the Guru. In ancient times, the Guru had a place equivalent to that of God. The disciple used to go to the Guru’s shelter with dedication and devotion and the Guru accepted him as a son and tried his best for his all-around development. Today there is a system of imparting education in various colleges and universities. The youths who stay there and get an education are called students. The time spent getting an education is called student life.

The idea of student life is the foundation stone of human life, character, and livelihood. What a person has to become, is his student life that decides. Today’s student is going to be the leader of the nation tomorrow. His progress, the progress of his country, everything depends on him. The student has to go into all the social, economic, political, and literary fields of the country. The life of a student should be such that he can achieve all these goals. For this, he should be hardworking. He should be dedicated to his goal. His life should be simple and blameless. He should eat simple, healthy food and wear clean clothes. He should avoid showing off. He should be calm, tolerant, and studious. His objective should be clear in front of him and he should always strive to achieve it. He should be full of politeness and hospitality towards elders and his teachers.

The special quality of student life in ancient India was a life of meditation. Therefore, in that era, five main characteristics of the students were considered-

Vigilant like a crow, concentrated like a heron, one who sleeps alert like a dog, one who doesn’t eat after eating, one who stays away from the troubles of the house, these five characteristics are considered to be of a student. But with the change of time, the rules and symptoms also change. For this reason, it is not possible to recognize these five symptoms in this form today. The main qualities of today’s students are perseverance, obedience, discipline, hard work, and generosity. Interest in sports, familiarity with the major happenings in the surrounding society and the world, and a high level of general knowledge: all these things are essential for today’s students.

Objectives of student life aim to lead a simple life while in school and to work hard continuously to get an education. The purpose of student life is to use the acquired qualification after the completion of education for the benefit of the country and society. If the student does not become helpful in the progress of his country and society, then his life will be considered aimless.

Expectations of society and nation from the student After getting an education, the student connects with his society and nation. He serves them by giving them the benefit of his knowledge. Society and the nation also expect that students will solve their problems by being well-educated and capable. Every nation and society progresses only with the labor and cooperation of its well-educated and qualified youth.

Epilogue- No student can become an ideal student only on his strength. For this, the environment of schools should also be educational. Teachers should also be dutiful, addiction-free, and have complete knowledge of their subject. Today, students’ dependent on copying have not only lowered the importance of teachers but has also disappointed hardworking and meritorious students. Plagiarism should be strictly prohibited. Nowadays many of our famous educational institutions and universities have become centers of politics. They have been divided into political ideologies. Under the guise of the hypocrisy of freedom of speech, seditious activities are being carried out openly in these Vidyamandirs. It has become necessary to control it.

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