Essay on Parents in English for Students

Essay on Parents – Parents are two precious gifts from God. My parents are my superheroes. They are the most precious gifts anyone can get. Parents are my role models and my strength.

We need to respect and love our parents. Parents play the biggest role in our development and supported me at every stage of my life. Parents are the most valuable person in this world. Parents are a great gift in everyone’s life.

Essay on Parents in English for Students

Father and mother play important roles in our mental, physical, social, financial, and career development. They are my backbone. My Name is Yashwant. My Mothers name is Anupama and she is working as an Assistant Professor at an Engineering College. My father’s name is Mr. Ram Mohan and he is working in a Government Sector.

The love of the mother and the care of the father is always very precious than anything in the world. A child who gets proper parenting can achieve his goals in life. Parents are my first teachers, Parents are the first mentor of the child and the teacher is the second mentor.

Parents encourage and motivate their kids in all cases. They living for us. Parents provide good education, care, food, clothes, and financial support. The parents work for us daily.

From birth onwards they support us. They give beautiful gifts and new clothes during our birthdays and festivals. Parents will scold us if we did any wrong and they also support us in our difficult times. Parents motivate and inspire us in all situations in our life.

Parents are the pillars of success and failure. Parents share their experiences with us, that’s useful for our better life. Parents differentiate between good and bad things for their children. My parents encouraged and inspired me to be a good human.

Essay on Parents (100 words)

Parents are the most beautiful and valuable god given gifts in our lives. I can’t imagine my life without them. We are brought up by our parents. My parents are very kind and affectionate. They love us and think about our welfare. They take care of our health and education and see to the all-round development of our personality.

My father is Tanmoy Roy and my mother is Reena Roy. My father is a professor and my mother is a babysitter. They are honest and disciplined. They help me with my homework and study. My parents scold me when I do something wrong but they never hit me. I am very dear to my parents. I am truly proud to be the son of such parents. I hope they will live long and stay with me forever.

Essay on My Father

My father is my hero and he is the best person in my life. He always stays by my side in every situation. My father believes in simple living and high thinking. He respects my mother and also helps her with household chores whenever he gets time. He is a very kind-hearted and self-disciplined person. My father taught me to be independent and disciplined and face the world with courage. I always aspired to become like my father. Today what I am and tomorrow what I will be all are inspired by my father. My father is an electrical engineer by profession. My father is my hero because he is the one who introduced us to the happiness of life.

Essay on My Mother

Mother is a blessing from God that no one can replace. She is my first teacher and a lovely friend. She did everything for me to make me happy. My mother’s name is Anna. She is a symbol of love and care. She is a teacher at a CBSE School. She takes care of all my family.

She gets up in the morning and cooks delicious food for us. She cooks food and washes our clothes. She manages everything in my family. She is the last person who goes to bed at night. She is the most beautiful, strong, loving, caring, and wonderful person in my life.

She teaches the right techniques and values. A Mother is a very special and important person in every child’s life. Once Princess Diana said, “A mother’s arms are more satisfying than anyone else.” We cannot replace a mother with anything.

My mother is my most useful friend, I can share everything with her. She always informed me to talk about actuality and respect others. My mother was the first person to teach me to walk, and talk and she was with me when I took my first step ever. My Mother is my role model.

She plays an important role in shaping my moral character. My mother is the pillar of my house, she also takes care of my grandparents and she supports my father at all times.

Poem On Parents


I love you Mama and Daddy

You taught me oh so much;

I can’t begin to describe all the myths

That my life you profoundly touched,

You taught me morals and values

You helped me reach my goals

And all the things I learned from you

Will stay till I am old I want to thank you deeply.

For being there for me

And for being absolute,

without a doubt The

best parent I could be

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