Essay on Myself in English for Students

Introduction:- My name is Yashwant. I appreciate my name. My grandmother passed me this name. I am fifteen years old. I study in class 10th. My mom is a housewife. she works at the house. My dad is a serviceman.

My parents are very forgiving. I have a brother. His name is Pappu. He studies in class 5th. I live in Rajasthan. It is the ideal district in India. We live in our house. It is lovely with a big lawn and a small garden. My grandmother is a religious lady. Her hair has turned white. Although she is old, she is very busy.

My grandmother tells me nuanced stories. I go to school every morning. My school is near my house. We also play games. My teachers are awesome. They also love me very much. I have many buddies. But garish is my best friend. He is my class-fellow. Sometimes he comes to my house to play indoor games.

Essay on Myself in English for Students

Essay on Myself (100 words)

Hello, My name is Ram Roy. I am sixteen years old. I live in Mumbai. There are three members of my family. My father is working in a factory. My mother is a government teacher. I am a student at Army public school. I read in class X. My favorite subject is maths. I want to be a math teacher. I am strong and healthy.

My hobby is drawing. My best friend’s name is Devraj. My favorite teacher is Manish Gaur. I respect all My teachers. My mother tongue is Bengali. My favorite snack is Pani puri and dahi puri. I have a pet dog named Tiger. I like to play cricket. My favorite cricket team is Delhi Capitals. I am very hardworking. I love my family very much.

Essay on Self Introduction

Hello, Good Morning Sir,
I am really thankful to you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Yashwant. I am fifteen years old. I am from Rajasthan. Or I am basically from Jodhpur. but currently staying in Mumbai. about my family, My family consists of five members including me. Recently? last year I completed my bachelor’s degree in B Tech from Jaipur university. Currently, I am pursuing mine At the same university.

I have ten years of experience as a Technical Assistant. My current goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours. My long-term goal is to become a responsible and Knowledgeable personality and achieve a better position where I can build my career as well as helps the company. My strength is focused on my job. My hobbies are typing, playing cricket, etc.

Candidate: May I come in sir?
Sir: Yes. please come in.
Candidate: Thank you, sir.
Candidate: Good Morning Sir
Sir: Good Morning, please have a seat.
Candidate: Thank You
Sir: How are you doing today?
Candidate: Very fine sir, Thank You.
Sir: So Aditya, tell me something about you.
Candidate: As you already know that my name is Aditya sen. I am from Kolkata. I completed my from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Now I am doing MBA from Banglore Along with my degree, I’ve very good Knowledge of C,C++,Net.SQL and java.
Sir: Good, So are you fresher?
Candidate: No, actually I worked in ABC Private Ltd. as a computer operator but now I am looking for a better opportunity.
Sir: Talk about why you need this job.
Candidate: I am quite happy with my current job. But, I am looking for a more productive role that suits my skills and ability to grow further. I am a quick learner and ready to take on new challenges required to perform better.
Sir: What are your strengths?
Candidate: My greatest strength is my communication skills. I love interacting with different people and have the patience to listen to them. Many people approach me to help them take decisions as they believe I analyze things better.
Sir: What”s your biggest weakness?
Candidate: My biggest weakness is that I trust people very easily. Sometimes, it hurts me because I feel cheated, but many times this habit also helps me make a good friend for life.
Sir: Why do you want to work here?
Candidate: I am really impressed by the leadership team of this company. I read on the website that the company is planning to expand its business to new countries. So it’s a great opportunity for me to learn as well as contribute to the growth of this company.
Sir: Can you do it under pressure?
Candidate: Working under pressure is nothing but a challenge in my view. If we are open to learning new things it is easy to work under pressure. I always set new goals for my life and accept work with love. If we love the work we went feel it as pressure.
Sir: How do you take important decisions?
Candidate: I collect all the information and details that would be necessary to take a decision and will figure out what would be the best solution for it.
Sir: Do you have any questions for me?
Candidate: What is the qualification you are looking for in an ideal candidate?
Sir: Ok, Thank you for your time, Aditya. We will get back to you shortly.
Candidate: Thank you, sir, I hope I will get this job.
Sir: You may go now.

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