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Essay on global warming – Global warming is a standard term used today, mostly in print and electronic media. It refers to the rising average temperature of the Earth’s climate and oceans and its related consequences.

In the previous hundred years, the Earth’s average surface temperature has risen by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F) with nearly two-thirds of the growth occurring over just the last three decades, One of the primary reasons cited is the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.

A change in global temperature will push sea levels to rise and will change the quantity and pattern of rainfall and a possible expansion of subtropical deserts. Warming is predicted to be strongest in the Arctic and associated with Continuing retreat of glaciers, permafrost, and sea ice.

Other likely results of the warming include the more recurring occurrence of extreme weather events including heat waves, droughts, and heavy rainfall, species extinction due. to shifting temperatures, and changes in farming yields.

Essay on Global Warming (100 Words)

The global temperature is increasing every day thanks to rapid industrialization, urbanization, and deforestation. Excessive use of a lot of luxury items by modern men increases greenhouse gases like Co2, Ch4, CFC, etc. in the atmosphere. It comes to harm the ozone layer and creates havoc on the earth. Due to global warming, the melting of polar ice caps and glaciers of the world has already started.

As a result, many islands and low-lying cities and parts will go the water forever in near future. If human civilization is to be saved global warming must be checked. By planning more trees and restricting fossil energy consumption we should take an active part in the mammoth task of saving the dear planet.

Essay on Global Warming (150 Words)

Global warming is the gradual rise in the overall temperature of the earth. This is very harmful to the earth as well as to humans.

Cause of Global warming: there are some natural causes but most of the causes are human activities.
Burning fossil fuels:- Results in large emissions of CO2 into our atmosphere transportation, electricity production, and industrial activities also bring the most emissions.

Pollution:- Air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution speed up the process of Global warming.
Cleaning of forests and woods:- The next big cause is deforestation, whether natural or human macle. As we know trees play important role in restoring the atmosphere.
Resource extraction and greenhouse effects are also major causes. Thus there are many courses of global warming.

Effects of global warming:- Drastic change in our planet’s climate. This includes rising temperatures, unpredictable weather patterns, rising sea levels, land degradation, loss of biodiversity, and loss of wildlife.

Solutions:- We should attempt o stop global warming by switching to alternative energy resources, transportation methods, and industrial and other activities to stop pollution and deforestation and go towards eco-friendliness.

Essay on Global Warming (200 Words)

Global Warming is a term used to describe the rise in the earth’s surface temperature. An increase in the population growth rate, pollution, and rapid industrialization are causing a rise in the temperature.

Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s surface during the last century. Global warming refers to climate change which causes increasing the temperature on the surface of the earth.

Burning coal, oil, and gas, deforestation, use of chemical fertilizers, and industrializations are the main reason for global warming.

Causes of Global warming:-
Global warming is very dangerous for the existence of life on earth. The most evident causes of global warming are industrialization, deforestation, and sophisticated human activities.

These human activities have led to an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases and resulted in the temperature increasing and melting of glaciers. The

The greenhouse effect is the main reason for global warming, It is defined as the increase in Earth’s surface temperature caused by the trapping of atmospheric heat. This process causes the earth warmer than normal (by direct sunlight).

The cause of global warming is human activities, particularly fossil fuel burning, the impact of gas levels in the Earth’s atmosphere, and the raising surface temperature of the earth.

UV (Ultraviolet rays), infrared and visible radiations are reached the earth’s surface from the sun. When the Sun’s power reaches the Earth’s environment, some of it is reflected back to space and some are soaked and re-radiated by the greenhouse effect.

The re-radiated gas by the greenhouse effect raises the earth’s temperature. The main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor.

Methods to reduce Global Warming
  • Plant trees
  • Recycle
  • Power your home with renewable energy.
  • Reduce waste
  • Use LED bulbs
  • Drive less
  • Spread awareness
  • Reduce the use of electronic devices
Effects of Global Warming
  • More acidic oceans.
  • Higher death rate
  • Reason of disasters
  • Causes Skin diseases


The main cause of global warming is human activities and these side results, so we must try to decrease illegal activities and spread awareness. Global warming is happening due to the greenhouse effect due to the burning of fuels, deforestation, livestock production, and industrialization.

10 lines on Global Warming
  • Global warming refers to the | above-average rise of | the earth’s temperature.
  • The Greenhouse effect is the main reason for Global Warming.
  • Gases, like carbon dioxide and Methane, play a vital role in causing the greenhouse effect and subsequently global warming.
  • Industries emitting CO2 as a product adds to global warming.
  • Earth’s temperature has warmed up by 0.9°Celsius (33.62 degrees Fahrenheit) since 1901.
  • Deforestation and suspended particulate matter also play their part in global warming.
  • Global warming results in extreme climate changes.
  • Global warming causes the melting of glaciers and rises in sea level.
  • It causes disturbance in monsoon patterns.


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