Essay on Environment topic in English for Students

Essay on Environment topic – You might have visited nearby forest areas during the rainy season. You might have also seen green trees, plants, animals, waterfalls, rivers, and ponds The rainwater coming from the hills which along with it also brings soil and one-pieces on the road is also seen. Try to complete the following table with the observed objects, plants, animals, and experiences with the help of your teacher.

Essay on Our Environment in English for Students

Meaning of Environment

All those plants animals, water, air, and other substances which we can see or feel, constitute an environment. Thus, we can say that the blanket that surrounds us is called an environment. The environment is the basis of the existence of living organisms. Let us try to find out the types of environments.

The environment can be classified mainly into two types:

Types of Environment

  1. Social environment
  2. Natural environment

The main component of the social environment is human society and other biotic and abiotic factors are components of the natural environment which can be shown in the given chart below.

Social Environment: Social environment is expressed as the interrelationship of social relations. Mutual cooperation, brotherhood, coordination, duties of a good neighbor, helping others at good or bad times, patience, care of the public property, respect for elders, affection for young ones, positive attitude, etc are the important factors necessary for a healthy social environment

Natural Environment: All the plants, animals, air, water, soil, etc that are found in our surroundings constitutes the natural environment, Natural environment is made up of two components.

  • Abiotic components
  • Biotic components

Abiotic components- It includes all the nonliving components like a magic train, frost, dew, humidity, wind, temperature, and light) landforms and graphic factors.

Biotic components- It includes all the vegetation (green plants), animals micro organisms Green plants are called Producers, animals are called mers and microorganisms are called decomposers Whenever you go to congested areas like a traffic circle, bus stand, or railway.

This happens because the smoke emerging out from transport vehicles like water, motorcycle, car truck, jeep, buses, etc mixes with the air. Thus due to ng of smoke in pure air, the air gets polluted. This has to harmful effect on the environment. When we come in contact with this polluted air a black deposition appears on our clothes. Similarly addition of undesirable substances, in water, salt and air makes them polluted.

This is called pollution. Pollution is the addition of undesirable substances to water, soil, air, etc.

The environment is unlimited Clean environment is helpful in the growth and development of organisms. One life gets affected by various components of the environment and their various stages. At present, natural and social environments are affected by our materialistic approach

The balanced form of all the components of an environment is called the ideal condition of the environment. Disturbance, even in our component of the environment affects the whole living world. These undesirable changes occurring in the various components of the environment are called pollution.

In simple terms, pollution means “contaminated environment”

Some types of natural pollution are as follows

  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Land Soil pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Thermal pollution
  • Radioactive pollution, nuclear pollution
  • Social pollution

In previous classes you have studied noise, water, and air pollution You will study heat and radioactive pollution in higher classes. Let us study Soil pollution here:-

Land pollution/ soil pollution Agriculture is a strong pillar of our economy The livelihood of most of the people in an agricultural dominant country, is from agriculture and livestock Storms, floods, and unwise ways of agriculture, natural resources and pollution have lowered the fertility of the soil and yielding capacity Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers have increased the crop yield but have lowered the soil fertility. If the use of chemical fertilizers and various harmful chemicals is not controlled then in no time our land will become barren.

To control environmental pollution, we should keep our approach positive, use natural resources wisely and inspire others to do the same.

The biotic and abiotic components of the natural environment and social environment are interdependent. Thus interdependence is the basis of the cycle of nature To maintain this cycle of nature is environment conservation Role of Rajasthan in Environment Conservation: The Environment plays an important role not only for humans but also for the lives of animals, birds, and plants also. Following are the important examples of steps taken in Rajasthan for Environment conservation

  • The sacrifice of Amrita Devi in Khejarli village of Jodhpur
  • Functions of Kiran Nidhi Organization in Piplantri village of Rajsamand

Example of Khejarli village in Jodhpur district That time Jodhpur Maharaja required wood for his palace. For this, the soldiers selected Khejarali village. Near Jodhpur King’s soldiers started axing Khejri trees.

When this news reached Smt. Amrita Devi and other villagers ran to save the trees. Sint. Amrita Devi requested the soldiers Not to cut the green trees as it is not right when the soldiers refused her, she along with her three daughters and villagers hugged the trees and said means she would rather give away her life to save the trees. In this remarkable effort to save trees 363 people including Amrita Devi, her daughters, and villagers sacrificed their lives. Every year a fair is organized in Khejarli on the Dashmi of Bhadrapad.

Piplantri village in Rajsamand: Kiran Nidhi organization of Piplantri village has started a. Campaign Here the birth of a girl child is taken as a celebration. The villagers of the Piplantri plant 111 trees every time a girl child is born For the protection of these trees, the villagers tie sacred thread trees on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and take oath for their protection. It is a successful and unique program for environment conservation.

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