Essay on Newspaper in English for Students

Essay on newspaper – A newspaper is the source of information in the fast-moving world It is published on a daily, weekly, or sometimes on monthly basis. It contains pages depicting data about local, national, and world information.

Newspapers are printed almost in every language In India Newspapers are printed in Hindu, English and Urdu, and various regional languages. Generally, a Newspaper is printed on a white-grey or off-white background. The pictorial representation of the newspaper is colorful.

Essay on Newspaper in English for Students

10 Lines about Newspaper
  • A newspaper is a house of information.
  • Reading of newspaper is a good habit.
  • The newspaper provides us with details of yesterday.
  • It provides us a Knowledge of jobs.
  • The newspaper provides us with Knowledge of politics, sports, etc.
  • A newspaper is written information on topics.
  • It is necessary to follow the news regularly to keep informed about current affairs.
  • It is also a good source of entertainment.
  • It is also a good tool to improve vocabulary.
  • Newspaper is available in many languages.

Essay on Newspaper in English (200+ Words)

Newspaper, as the very name suggests, provides people with news. Thus the most important function of newspapers is to bring us news about the world. 

In a democratic country like India, newspapers are an important means of farming public opinion. They comment on current events and citizens or appreciate the conduct of the government. 

They, thus educate the public mind and enable the people to have their own opinion on matters of public importance. It is through the newspapers and other media that the government places its programs, its policies, and its achievements before the people. The people also voice their opinions and grievances through them and thus keep a check on the government for the proper function of a democracy, the press and the other media are powerful instruments.

Sometimes newspapers serve as a means of propaganda for the various political parties. the people are confused and fail to understand the truth. The misuse of the press and other media may give rise to agitations and strikes and so it should be avoided. But the disadvantages of this kind are nothing in comparison with their manifold advantages. they are really of great use to the people and the country and so they should be encouraged in every possible way.

Essay on Newspaper in English (250+ Words)

The invention of the printing press created conditions that could satisfy this need more systematically. News and views went together. In this way, the newspaper should be news carriers, not bring an item of information without expressing the views of the person reporting the news. In this way, newspapers become not only news carriers but also creators of public opinion.

The editorial of newspapers is in a way, responsible for forming public opinion and providing guidance to public thinking. They are specialists in world history and also completely aware of the various problems of their own country. Reading their views has an educative value. It helps to mold and shape public opinion.

Some newspapers cater to vulgar tastes and misguide people. They describe social scandals, and spicy gossip, in a tantalizing way. Another serious defect in a newspaper is to suppress news or publish concocted reports in the interest of a party or an individual. Newspapers should be news carriers, not newsmakers.

Newspapers provide us with a lot of information about what is happening in our city, state, and current affairs of the country and world. It is available in all languages so there is no barrier to reading. People speaking any language can read it. It gives information regarding Sports, Bollywood, Politics, Technology, and many more things. It enhances the knowledge of the people.

Essay on Newspaper in English (300+ Words)

Newspaper is a powerful means of circulating news amongst people. It is also a great source of knowledge. Newspapers are published in many languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, etc.

The newspaper helps people become aware of various news and current affairs. It provides news with many details. The news provided in newspapers is published only after a thorough investigation. Hence, they are a reliable source of information.

We get to know about various sports events and their results in newspapers. Businessmen get to know about market trends by reading newspapers. We also get to know whether forecasts through newspapers. Newspapers also have a lot of advertisements. These advertisements also add to the revenue of a newspaper.

We get to read information about various political, economic, and social issues in newspapers. News related to sports, education, health, business, etc. are also published in newspapers. Today, newspapers have many columns devoted to topics like employment, matrimony, women, children, etc.

It helps to update ourselves with the daily news and it is easy to achieve good marks in competitive and technical exams for government job as these exams mainly contains general knowledge questions. In today’s digital world, we get a lot of news on the internet, but the authenticity of such news is not known. Newspapers ensure to provide true and valid news.

Although, with technological advancement, we get all the news on smartphones the newspaper is the best way to aware people of any social issue among the common public. Newspaper is of great importance as it keeps us updated with current affairs.

It regulates our thoughts. It serves the purpose of a book, pulpit, platform, and forum all rolled into one. A newspaper relieves a person of the monotony of life. In the pages of a newspaper, a person tired of his day’s work finds rest and entertainment.

They are a great source of news and are easily available at home. We all must inculcate the habit of reading newspapers.

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