Essay on My Hobby in English for Students

Essay On My Hobby – Hobbies play an important role in our life. They keep us busy in our free hours and make our life happy. They make our life interesting and enjoyable. They allow you to explore yourself and realize your potential in different fields. You can make money also and generate a side income with your hobbies. Every person has their own hobbies like reading, singing, dancing, and playing outdoor games. A hobby is an activity that we do in our free time. Hobbies relax our life and make our life happy. They bring away from stress for some time. They Make us forget our worries and make us inspirational.

essay on my hobby in english for students

Essay on My Hobby Drawing – Essay 1

My hobby is drawing. I mostly draw my imagination on paper.  I use crayons, pencils, coloured pencils, and much more stuff to draw my imagination. During the birthdays of my parents, friends, and families, I gift them my best drawings to them. They are very happy to take those drawings. I use most of my time drawing pictures. I got first prize in my school in a drawing competition. I also love to draw anime and cartoons. Natural beauty attracts me a lot. I try to put it on paper. I like to draw sunrise and sunset the most. I love to draw birds, flowers, houses, trees, and mountains.

I paint the picture with different colour combinations. I also sell my drawings on the roadside. Sewing is my hobby and it is refreshing to me but over time I realized that by virtue of my love for this craft I became interested in related fields. As a person, I am less talkative. Because of that, there are very few friends in my life. The thing is that, instead of speaking out about everything, I prefer to express my emotions silently. And drawing just helps me do that.

Essay on My Hobby Dancing – Essay 2

I developed a taste for dancing when I was very young. Dancing is very uplifting as well as economical. Dancing gives us a lot of exercise. This kind of physical exercise is extremely delightful and enjoyable. I have enrolled in dancing classes because I wish to make my hobby my career. Different people have different kinds of interests to get rid of boredom. But when it comes to me, it has always been dancing. Dance is one of the best hobbies which can be pursued. Dance not only makes us enjoy our leisure time but also keeps us fit. It is really very joyful as well as helpful for me so I love to dance.

If I am a little honest then I can say that it is not at all easy to explain dance in words, because according to me dance is a feeling which shows us different cultures and traditions. In short, my hobby of dancing makes me feel alive and well. It is the only thing I look forward the most to. Thus, I hope to achieve my dream of being a professional dancer and making way for people who wish to make careers out of their hobbies.

Essay on My Hobby Cricket – Essay 3

Well, my hobby is cricket as I have been enjoying this sport since a very tender age. I remember gazing from the window of my room and watching the grown-ups immerse themselves in a game of cricket. It makes me fresh and energetic. I play cricket with my friends and father. My father is a good person. He loves to play cricket very much. Last Sunday I brought a new television to watch cricket. I play cricket after school. I also made so many friends while playing cricket. Cricket is the most popular game in the world. It was started in England then it spread all over the world. It is played between the two teams. Each team has eleven players. This sport is played with a ball and a bat. I am the captain of my school cricket team.

Our team has played many matches with other schools. Almost won all the matches in the state tournament. My dream is to play cricket as a professional and represent my country with my talent. My favourite cricket player is Virat Kohli. When I was 8 years old I go my Neighbor’s house to watch cricket on the television. I also have a dream to meet my favourite cricketer. One week before I join a cricket academy to opt for cricket as a courier. My couch is a well-hearted person. After school, I go to the cricket playground to practice for my next cricket tournament. In cricket I like bowling, I am a fast bowler. I like healthy food to build my stamina. I focus on more protein food to make me healthier.

When I go out to play cricket, at that moment, I do not think of anything else as I am cool and composed and nothing else matters. So, if you have not yet found your thing which you can truly call a hobby, I suggest you do so. I knew my hobby from a tender age and it soon grew into my passion I can say with utmost pride that I am quite good at cricket. When you truly love something, your zest will give you the kick to excel in it too. I think cricket is the better option to make your life joyful and enjoyable. Playing outdoor games makes us physically fit. It also boosts our concentration of mind. To play cricket I finished my homework early and go to the playground to play cricket with my friends. My father also came with me on Sunday to play cricket. Moreover, cricket keeps our bodies from diseases. Doctors also advise playing cricket to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

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