Essay on Importance of Good Manners for Students

Essay on Good Manners:- Good manners cost nothing, but they help us a lot. Good manners are necessary for life as they help us to grow in our personal and professional life. A person is judged by his behavior. Being Polite, humble, respectful, etc are good manners. A man with good manners earns the love and respect of all. Parents should teach their children about their behavior with family, teachers, friends, relatives, etc. A person who does not have good manners loses dignity and self-respect. So we must learn good manners and we should maintain them throughout life.

Importance of Good Manners

Story for Children to Learn Good Manners

A rich businessman lived with his son. The businessman hated his son for his bad habits. He was worried about his son. The man went to the wise man. My son is a good boy but he has picked some bad habits. I worry about him all the time because I can’t get him to let go. Please help me. Tomorrow morning, bring him to me. The man did as the master had said. He brought his boy with him. Let’s go for a walk. They went for a walk in the garden after the boy obeyed. They found a little tree as they walked. Pull out the tree for me. The boy presented the master with a tree.

Now you see that small plant? Pull that out for me. The boy was asked to pull the plant out. The master asked him to remove the bush. The boy did that as well. Now, look at that small tree. Pull that out for me. The boy went to the small tree and thought it took him. After a lot of effort and struggle, he pulled it out for the master. Very well done, finally look at that big tree over there and pulled that out too for me. The boy tried and tried but the tree did not budge. Finally tired the boy gave up, I am sorry wise master.

I cannot pull that tree out it is old and strong. Bad habits are just like plants and trees, when they are new like the sapling you can get rid of them quickly and easily but if you let them stay and grow, they grow strong and become like the old tree that cannot be removed forgiven me, master, I now understand what my father has been trying to tell me. I will drop all my bad habits from now on. Dear, what if talking with food in my mouth becomes my bad habit too? I will stop it right now. I will never talk with food in my mouth ever again that’s great. Thank you, Tofu.

Essay on Good Manners ( 300+ Words)

Good manners have always been taught to us. Good manners were always required by our parents. They always tried to teach us how to be good humans. A person needs good manners to live in a society. A person needs to know how to behave if he wants to be liked by everyone. The difference between an educated person and an uneducated one is not knowledge. The way he speaks and acts. Good manners can make a person a gentleman. Even the most educated person will not be a good man if they lack it. Good manners are important in a person’s life. One should always take care of how one interacts in order to be successful.

People are achieving heights. They have good manners and skills. If a boss doesn’t speak to his employees well, they will leave the job. Good manners are important in any field of life. A child should respect his teachers. He should listen to what the teacher is telling him. The child should be well-dressed. In order to maintain hygiene, a child should always carry a handkerchief. The child should always be on time. He might not waste others’ time. You should not take things without permission. Since there are many children in the school, you shouldn’t push each other in the queue.

We should not wake up too much at night We should brush our teeth before sleeping We should finish our work on time We should finish school homework on time We should respect our teachers in school We should respect our parents We should not speak much We should work harder and harder, we should salute our elders, we should do our work with dedication and understanding.

  1. Wake up late.
  2. Not brushing the teeth.
  3. Don’t exercise.
  4. Tell lies.
  5. Biting nails.
  6. Read in dim light.
  7. Excessive mobile phone use.
  8. Eating lots of chocolate and sweets.
  9. Fight with others.
  10. Eating junk food.
  11. Wasting time.
  12. Watch too much TV.
  13. Never wear shoes.
  14. Eat uncovered food.
  15. Drink dirty water.
  16. Be said always.
  17. Losing your temper.
  18. Sit near the fire.
  19. Eating with dirty hands.
  20. Not sleeping on time.
  1. Get up early in the morning.
  2. Brush your teeth twice a day.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Take a bath daily.
  5. Eat fresh and healthy food.
  6. Don’t waste food and water.
  7. Wash your hand before and after the meal
  8. Respect elders and teachers.
  9. Reach school on time.
  10. Study daily.

Poem on Good Manners

It is good to have manners

And I’m referring to good ones

It’s great to say ‘Thank you

When you get some from someone

Cultivate them in your talk

Good manners you can always

You can learn them all

In your life as you walk

Begin when the kids are small

This wonderful process should

Their children have good manners

Parents should teach all

These days we don’t meet

Many children with good manners you see

Most of them act rude and that’s a shame

And that goes for teens and adults too

Poem on Good Habits

We say “Thank you.”

We say “Please.”

We don’t interrupt or tease.

We don’t argue.

We don’t fuss.

We listen when folks talk to us.

We share our toys.

And take our turn.

Good manners aren’t too hard to learn.

It’s really easy

When you find Good manners


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