Essay on Christmas for Students

Essay on Christmas festival – Christmas is a famous festival for Christians. It is celebrated on 25th December every year. Jesus Christ was born on this day. He was the founder of Christianity. On this day all the Christians decorate their houses. They bring a Christmas tree to their houses. It is decorated with bells, lights, balloons, and stars. On this day, special prayers are conducted in churches. The children wait for Santa Clause and he brings gifts and sweets for the children. Christmas gives a message of love, harmony, peace, and brotherhood.

Essay on Christmas day

Essay on Christmas for Students In 150 Words

Christmas is the main festival of Christians. This festival is celebrated every year on December 25th. People believed that Jesus Christ was the son of god. On this day, people remember Jesus Christ and his lesson in life.

All houses, churches, and shops are cleaned on Christmas. They are beautifully decorated with lights and flowers. People also have a Christmas tree in their homes with colourful balls, ribbons, balloons, candles, etc.

They visit the church and light candles to worship Jesus Christ. They distribute gifts, exchange Christmas cards, organize feasts, and sing Christmas carols on this day.  On this day, people tell each other stories and anecdotes related to Christmas.

It is believed that Jesus Christ, the son of God, came to the Earth on this day to end people’s sufferings and miseries. His visit is symbolic of goodwill and happiness and it is depicted through the visit of the wise men and the shepherds.

Christmas is, indeed, a magical festival that is all about sharing joy and happiness. For this reason, it is also my favourite festival.

Why Christmas day is celebrated?

This festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Jesus was considered a founder of Christianity. People of Christianity thought of Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus Christ was a messenger of God and an impressive man. He appeared in the world to remove the grief of unhappy people and to reveal the form of God to the people.

At first, Jesus had to face a lot of problems, but gradually his companions started growing. He tried to eliminate sorrow, ignorance, superstition, etc. in the world through his teachings.

Christmas Day celebrated in his memory is the most popular festival of the people of Christianity today. Therefore, it is also called the big day. This day is as essential for Christians as Diwali and Dussehra are essential for people of the Hindu religion.

Q.1 On which date is Christmas celebrated every year?
Answer- 25th December

Q.2 Where does Santa Clause live?
Answer- The North Pole

Q.3 In which city was baby Jesus born?
Answer- Bethlehem

Q.4 Which was the first broadcast of a Christmas Carol in space?
Answer- Jingle Bells

Q.5 What day is Christmas Eve?
Answer- 24th December

Q.6 What is the short version of Christmas known as?
Answer- Xmas

Q.7 What three small words of laughter did Father Christmas say?
Answer- HO! HO! HO!

Q.8 What is the colour of Santa’s Belt?
Answer- Black

Q.9 Which is the most famous reindeer of all?
Answer- Rudolph

Q.10 Which are the 2 main colours of Christmas?
Answer- Red and Green

Q.11 What is Santa Clause also known as?
Answer- Saint Nicholas

Q.12 What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?
Answer- Coin

Q.14 When do the 12 days of Christmas start?
Answer- On Christmas day

Q.15 According to tradition, when should you have your Christmas decorations down by?
Answer- January 5th

Q.16 Which ocean can Christmas Island be
found in?
Answer- The Indian Ocean

Q.17 What do people traditionally put on top of a Christmas tree?
Answer- A star or an angel

Q.18 What colour is Santa’s suit?
Answer- Red

Q.19 When were the first commercial Christmas Cards made?
Answer- 1843, England

Q.20 How many reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh?
Answer- Nine

Poem on Christmas Day

I Have A List Of Folks I Know. All Written In A Book, and Every Year When Christmas Comes, I Go & Take A Look and That is When I Realize That These Names are a Part of. Not Of The Book They are Write In, But Really F My Heart
Each Name Stands 4 Someone Who Has Crossed My Path Sometimes. and in The Meeting They’ve Become The Rhythm in Each Rhyme While it Sounds Fantastic For Me to Make This Claim. I Really Feel That I’m Composed Of Each Remembered Name
and White and May Not B Aware Of Any Special Link. Just Meeting you Has Changed My Life a Lot More Than U Think For Once I’ve Met Somebody. The Years Cannot Erase, The Memory Of A Pleasant Word Or Of a Friendly Face
So Never Think My Christmas Cards R Just A Mere Routine Of Names Upon a Christmas List. Forgotten in Between. For When I Send a Christmas Card That is Addressed to you. It is Because U’re On The List That I’m indebted to
For I Am But A Total Of The Many Folks I’ve Met. and you Happen to Be One Of Those I Prefer Not to Forget Whether I Have Known you For Many Years Or Few. In Some ways, you Have A Part In Shaping Things I D Do
And Every Year When Christmas Comes, I Realize a New, Best Gifts Life Can Offer Is Meeting Folks Like you. and May The Spirit Of Christmas That Forever Endures. Leave Its Richest Blessings In The Hearts Of you & Urs…!!!

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